Solo Mining ROI As Part Of A Cluster.

What is it?

Solo mining as part of a cluster is you connecting to one node with other users connecting to that same node.
Each computer connected to the node is treated as a cpu thread. So if like me your computer has 80 threads it all 80 threads will be treated as one big thread.
This is the same for all computers. If you have a 4 core 8 thread cpu and you have them all mining the cluster node all 8 will be treated as one thread.

What if I have 2 or more PC's or servers?

You can connect as many devices to the cluster node as you like. Each device will act as a thread to the cluster.
So if you have 3 PCs and a server you will be adding 4 threads to the cluster.
The amount of hash power will be the same as when you mine the pool or wallet with the added value that you are not working alown to create the block.

Why should I solo mine on a cluster?

When you solo mine on the wallet you start from scrach each time the next block is found. The same is true for solo mining the cluster but with the added bonus that your working with others to create that block.
So when you or another computer (thread) connected to the cluster finds a hash for the block all the threads connected to the node are updated with the same work and the hash starts from that point on untill a thread (someones computer) adds to the block and the node updates all the work to the threads again.
So to make it easy to understand lets say to make a block you need to go from 1-100. Your computer finds part 60 but cant find part 70 one of the other threads connected to the node cluster may find part 70 and then your computer will continue from that point on.

If you was to only mine on the wallet alown because of all the hash on the pool its 100% luck if you find a block now. But mining the cluster makes brings solo mining back down to a easy level.

It also stops the pool rinsing the network of blocks and helps make a stronger network because blocks that are created solo are stronger than pool.

How do I get payed?

When mining the cluster you use your wallet key. If you are the one that compleates the block you get 100% of the block. No fee's you get 120 coins and you will see it in your wallet as a solo mined block just as you would if you was to mine your own wallet.

I only have 100hs when mining should I cluster mine?

Well you have just as much chance of finding that block as anyone on the cluster. Because we are all working on making it there is no way of knowing if you will be the winner of the block or not. But we all have the same chance because all the work is updated to each thread at the same time.

Is there anyway of seeing stats?

At this point in time the Cluster node is in very early stages. We have to work out bugs and kinks befor we go and slap up a website with stats and so on. But we are looking in to it.
You can see your hash rate with your miner and if you use -P you can see the block being created. Weather the cluster creates the block befor the pool finds the next depends on alot of things. But if you find the block it will show in your wallet as a solo mined block.

How can I mine the Solo Mining Cluster Node?

To mine the cluster node it is very simple and easy just copy the code in the box and add to your bat file.
Remember to change your coinbase address for your own wallet key. The one in the box is just to show you how your bat file should look.


hodlminer.exe -a hodl --url= -u mine -p miner -t 4 --coinbase-addr=RXd3GwmQA9wdTftDyzYuv29bzgKa4EwnJb -P -q

Again I am looking in to setting a website up for stats and so on but we will see how well things go. This is in early stages at the min and the 1st time I have done anything like this for bitcoins.



If I helped you send me a small donation here RXd3GwmQA9wdTftDyzYuv29bzgKa4EwnJb


I would just like to point out to all that I get 100% nothing out of this there is no fee for being part of the cluster. It is just a way to help each other out because we are finding it so hard to get any coins from solo mining alown due to the network hash being so high.
This gives each miner who is connected a fighting chance to find a solo block that is all.


As of 16/11/2017 the node will now connect with all other miners on the network. Taking the work they have subbmitted and starting the cluster calculations from the last share subbmitted to the network. This includes any pools, Solo miners and so on that are mining the coin.

Miners configered for the cluster:

Optiminer Cluster Miner

Wolf 2 Cluster Miner